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Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada
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The Norfolk Arts Centre (NAC) is responsible for the acquisition, preservation and exhibition of works of art. Our exhibitions change bimonthly and feature historical and contemporary local, regional and national artists. We also periodically display works from our permanent collection of over 1,000 pieces.

Elizabeth Barrett-Milner: rare

March 10 – May 27, 2017

Guest curator: Phil Ross

“A disappointing sadness led to a small sketch entitled, A passenger pigeon once paused to eat a berry on Christmas Day. A simple drawing of a living bird. And so I began the paintings with stories of the rare, endangered and extinct.” In her 2017 exhibition, rare, Elizabeth Barrett-Milner opens our eyes to a global predicament felt uniquely at a local level, of disappearing and endangered species. These paintings testify to Elizabeth Barrett-Milner’s active involvement in observing and celebrating the natural history of her beloved Norfolk County; and further to the increasing number of endangered species of birds, mammals, reptiles, flora and fauna ultimately facing the threat of extinction. In her colourful folkloric paintings, the artist shares stories, myths and legends which capture her imagination and serve as subtle environmental warnings.

Women on Paper

Women on Paper: Selections from the Permanent Collection

May 13 – July 29, 2017

Norfolk Arts Centre permanent collection is rich in works on paper. This exhibition presents a selection of prints and drawings by Canadian women artists of regional and national renown. From delicate etchings of private moments by Olga Phillips to stark lithographs of the Hagersville tire fire by Catherine Gibbon, the works in this exhibition will present a range of subject matter and techniques.

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